The Best Private Aviation Fleet


The Most Modern Fleet

Business Jets & Helicopters

Agusta Grand

Agusta Grand

Business Helicopters

Capacity (04-05 Passengers) Range (4 hours)

The most modern helicopters, for business or pleasure trips, ideal for operating at buildings or areas of difficult land access.

For Safety reasons and due to the high altitude of Mexico City and Toluca, all of our helicopters fleet are twin engines, operated by two pilots at all times.

Learjet 75

Learjet 75

Light Jets

Capacity (05-09 Passengers) Range (2.5-4.5 hours)

Combine comfort with performance. Cabin configurations seating 5 or 9 passengers feature the best-in-class ease of mobility, legroom, and seated headroom.

This type of cabin is much appreciated by executives and operators all over the world, offering unmatched value and low cost prices.

Challenger 300

Challenger 300

Mid-Size Jets

Capacity (10-12 Passengers) Range(6-8 hours)

The Mid-Size Jets are ideal for travelers who want luxury with a roomy cabin with top-notch communications systems, with out the higher overhead costs of a Heavy Jet.

This type of cabin provide a comfortable working environment for passengers flying six hours or longer, they offer the best fuel efficiency and runway performance.

Global Express 6000

Global Express 6000

Heavy Jets

Capacity (10-18 Passengers) Range (8-14 hours)

With a superior cabin space, luxury and satellite connectivity, this type of cabin was created to respond to the needs of the most discerning travelers in the world, to enjoy the best luxury experience with superior range capabilities to fly nonstop between continents.