VIP Helicopters

For Safety reasons and due to High Altitud of Mexico City and Toluca , all of our helicopters are Twin Engines and Two Pilots operate always, we only fly this helicopters with 4 passengers and light luggage, Your Safety is always first.


Agusta A109

Is a fast and modern light twin-engine helicopter, with a large comfortable cabin and excellent performance to operate safely at day and night.

Crew: 02 / Passengers: 04 / Max Speed: 153 kts / Range: 04:45 hrs


Agusta Grand

Is a bigger and more comfortable version of Agusta Power, is also a twin-engine helicopter with excellent performance to operate safely at day.

Crew: 02 / Passengers: 04 / Max Speed: 154 kts / Range: 04:25 hrs


EC/AB-145 / Mercedes-Benz

Is a modern twin engine helicopter with an enormous, silent and comfortable cabin to operate Safely all days, it is considered a light-medium twin-engine so it can land at any building helipad.

Crew: 02 / Passengers: 04-05 / Max Speed: 133 kts / Range: 03:50 hrs


Dauphin N2/N3

This French twin engine helicopter has a nice exterior design that resembles a dolphin, obtaining the fastest and most stable flight on the market, with a luxurious, spacious and comfortable cabin.

Crew: 02 / Passengers: 04 / Max Speed: 156 kts / Range: 04:55 hrs